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Not Cool to Pack Lunch? Help Your Teen Figure It Out!

By the time your kids are teens, they have been eating lunch at school for quite a while. You have probably been lovingly cutting the crust off of their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for many years, too. As kids get older and gain more independence, you also may have relegated the chore of packing…

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Picky Eater Problems: Expand Your Kid’s Palate

We’ve all been there. You slave away at the stove all day and when the family gathers for meal time, your child pushes away the plate and says, “No way! I’m not eating that!” Picky eating is a time-honored kid tradition, but it doesn’t have to put a cramp in your dinnertime. Check out these tips…

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Baby Formula 101

Most experts will agree that breast is best when it comes to feeding your baby. Often, for a variety of reasons, breastfeeding is not an option. So what’s a mom to do? Luckily, baby formula is readily available, but one look at the formula aisle at the market and it is easy to become overwhelmed.…

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Family Fun: Grow Your Own Food!

Growing a garden can be great fun for the whole family—you get outside in the sunshine and also spend time together. Growing your own food can also teach kids about nature, hard work and responsibility. There is something special about planting seeds and watching how soil, water and sunshine all come together to create your…

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How to Bring Out the Environmentalist in Your Child

Today’s kids are more and more disconnected from the outdoors. Most are plugged into their tablets, phones and computers for hours a day instead of exploring nature and the outside world. Without that connection to their environment, how can parents teach their kids to take care of the planet? Follow these simple steps and soon…

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Show Your Kids Where Food Comes From—Real Food!

Raising a health-conscious kid isn’t always the easiest endeavor for busy moms, especially when we try to provide healthy meals and snacks. So much of the food readily available focuses on convenience rather than nutrition. We have so much more control over what goes into our children’s mouths when they are young. Perhaps you make their baby food…

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Watch Those “Alternative Facts”!

We’ve been hearing a lot about “alternative facts” lately. But, “fake news” isn’t something new. Did you happen to hear that the Earth is flat? As long as mothers have been around, there have been heated discussions—first in person, then in online parenting forums and now on social media—about how to best take care of…

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5 Things You Don’t Want in Baby Food

It’s an exciting time when your baby moves away from breast or bottle to eating more table food, but it’s hard to know what foods are best to achieve optimal nutrition for your child’s growing body. Making your own baby food is a budget-friendly and healthful alternative to commercially available jarred food, but sometimes there just isn’t…

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