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5 Ways Your Teen Can Make a Difference

Our goal as parents is to raise our children to become healthy, happy and productive members of society. But how can we reach that goal when many kids today are disconnected from the outside world and spend their time watching TV, surfing the internet and texting friends? How can parents get kids involved in making…

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How to Bring Out the Environmentalist in Your Child

Today’s kids are more and more disconnected from the outdoors. Most are plugged into their tablets, phones and computers for hours a day instead of exploring nature and the outside world. Without that connection to their environment, how can parents teach their kids to take care of the planet? Follow these simple steps and soon…

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Who’s Looking Out for Our Kids?

When you were pregnant, you probably read all of the books on how to have a safe pregnancy, delivery and get through those first few important months of being a mom. Will I use cloth diapers or disposables? Will I co-sleep or will my baby sleep in a crib down the hall? Will I go back…

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5 Things You Don’t Want in Baby Food

It’s an exciting time when your baby moves away from breast or bottle to eating more table food, but it’s hard to know what foods are best to achieve optimal nutrition for your child’s growing body. Making your own baby food is a budget-friendly and healthful alternative to commercially available jarred food, but sometimes there just isn’t…

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How to Raise Health-Conscious Kids

When you become a mom, the most important task on your to-do list is keeping your baby healthy. You followed all of the guidelines for doctor’s visits and immunizations, you checked safety ratings on cribs and buckled your baby into a properly installed car seat. It’s a given that you fed your baby food that…

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Mom How-To: Make Your Own Baby Food

It’s an exciting time when a baby is ready to try solid foods: Parents and caretakers are slowly freed from the rule of the breast or the bottle, and it’s fun to watch little ones explore the vast and wonderful world of food. The first few months will be all about the experience—most of baby’s…

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Our Four Favorite Quick Meal Websites

The days may take many shapes, some flying by at breakneck speed, others unfolding at a slightly more leisurely pace. But one thing is for certain: At the end of all of the days, dinner of some kind or another must be served. When you’re tired and the family is hungry, it can feel like…

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Mom How-To: Pack an Award-Winning School Lunch

Sending your kids off to school each day with lunch in hand takes more effort than meets the eye. “What’s the big deal?” a nonparent may ask. “Just throw a peanut butter sandwich in a brown bag and be done with it. Or give the kid a couple bucks for a cafeteria lunch and that’s…

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